Our Brands

Generations of expertise and experience, combined with unrivalled innovation and industry-leading technology, are built into every Yanmar marine engine. These are compact, lightweight, quiet, low emission marine diesel, renowned for their outstanding performance and rugged reliability. These marine engines go further and they work harder, year after year. Yanmar's range of marine diesel engines are a leading marine engines on the market.

Open Ocean water makers are low cost, simple to operate and produce maximum amounts of fresh water in minimal running times.

PFM BLUE GP series diesel fuel conditioning units & re-circulation systems will eliminate Diesel Bug, dry your fuel and protect your fuel system - allowing your engine to operate at the manufacturers intended performance levels. 

Eni high performance lubricants and oils are designed to deliver ultimate reliability in all types

of vehicles and machinery in all types of conditions. If you’re looking for dependability, reliability and protection – get a dog.

The stainless steel Kiwi Shaft Seal™ offers protection for your vessel, keeping crew safe and dry. The Kiwi Shaft Seal™ is a New Zealand made product which is easy to install and has a 15 year pleasure craft or 5 year commercial craft guarantee (Conditions apply).